Sunday, January 29, 2017

Such a long time...

So sorry I've been MIA for the past four months.  Back in September, Al and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary by traveling out East for two weeks.  We had so much fun driving to New York and taking the train into NYC to spend a couple of days with our daughter Sarah and her boyfriend Paul.  They have been living in NYC for three years now.  So hard to believe.  Here's a picture of us with NYC in the background.  After leaving NYC we spent a few days driving around Vermont and taking a baking class at King Arthur Flour.  Al and I both love baking bread and decided to take a class baking baguettes.  We did have to sign up and pay for the class before our trip.  If you ever get the chance to go to King Arthur Flour, do so and take a class if you can.  So worth every penny!!  We met up with some new friends in Manchester NH for brunch.  It was so wonderful to meet Monica and Paul face to face.  We had a wonderful time.  We then drove out to Bar Harbor Maine.  Acadia National Park is breathtaking.  After coming back from our trip, I had a few weeks to get caught back up at work and get ready for my first hip replacement surgery...Yes, I did say my first.  I was off work for another two weeks after surgery.  The doctors and I had no idea how bad my hips were for someone in her early 50s.  The second hip replacement surgery was Dec. 6, again, off work for another two weeks, which brought me back to work just before Christmas.  Of course, January is always my busiest month at work with year-end statements to get out before the end of the month.  I made my deadlines, my hips feel so much better.  Wishing now I hadn't put off having an orthopedic surgeon look at my hips years ago.  I just never thought my hips would need full replacements.  I just started PT and hope within the next month, my thigh muscle start getting stronger.  The muscles are shot from not walking properly for so long. 

I'm caught up at work and now have time to stamp again.  It's been a long time.  These are the two cards I made as my Christmas cards before and after the first surgery.  I did remember to take a picture of one of the birthday cards I made for my late December birthdays. The drugs I was on sure did a number on my memory.

These last few cards were for some of the January birthdays we have in the family.  I made more than these, but forgot to take pictures :)


This last card, I did CASE ...the MFT Polar Bear Pals.  I fell in love with Sandy Allnock's card she did back in November.  I watched and watched her video and just had to give it a try.  OMGosh, I'm so happy how my card turned out.  This is a link to her video. 

Thank you so much for reading my blog and if you would like any information regarding these cards, just let me know in the comments or email me at


  1. Welcome back to blogland Sue! You've been greatly missed. I'm so glad your surgeries went well and you're on your way to new strength and healing. I love the picture of you and your sweetie with NYC in the background. Awesome!! Your cards are always a treat and I'm hoping to see more from you now that life is back to normal for you. Sending you (hugs)!

  2. SOOOO glad to see you back on your blog and sharing your creativity Sue! ALL of your cards are amazing! I do love the Polar Pals card and loved watching Sandy's video...just might have to try that one myself!! I really like the card that is in the darker Plum colors with the embossed flowers that look like snowflakes...GORGEOUS card Sue!! Hope to be seeing a lot more of you here were definitely missed!!


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