Thursday, January 30, 2014

Masculine card

The card on the right is the one I made for my son, Nick, who is currently attending college in Colorado for outdoor recreation.  He loves to mountain climb and the card on the right was my inspiration for his birthday card.  I saw the card on Pinterest and found out that it was made by Erin Lincoln and was published in Paper Crafts "Card Creations for Him".   

I liked Erin's card very much, but wanted to make the card my own.  I used black card stock as the base, then used a shimmery gray textured card stock (both from a local scrapbook store).  I wish I had a better picture of my card, but It would lay flat because of the textured cardstock.  I traced one of the many carabiners we have around the house on yellow, green and orange cardstock and cut them out.  I then used silver shiny paper and attached them to the orange, yellow and green carabiners with silver brads so they would open like a real carabiners.  I attached them to the card by tying them on with black cording.  I then printed off different mountain climbing terms cut and attached them to the front of the card.  My card isn't as clean and simple as Erin's, but I still like the way it turned out and Nick thought it was a great card.  He called me the day he received it pretty excited about the card.  Don't you just love it when you make a card for someone that you know is just perfect for them?  It is one of the biggest reasons why I make cards!


  1. Hi Sue, just popped by on a shout-out from Miz Darnell with your site link, and love this card. What a fantastic idea you had to design this one especially for your son. What a satisfied feeling you must have had, upon completion: Not only that it looked great, but that it was ideally suited! Just joined as your newest follower, and hope if you have time, you'll stop by for a visit at my blog too. TFS such a super guy card.

  2. Hi Sue, thank you for following my blog. :) How awesome is this card?! WOW!!!

  3. What a great card Sue! Love how bright it is, but mostly how tailored it is to Nick...I can totally see why he loved it! Great job!! :0)

  4. Oh, yes, there is nothing better than making a card that is personalized for a special someone, something Hallmark doesn't do as well! I love your take on Erin's card and I'm not surprised that Nick loved it.

    It reminds me of a time years - decades - ago when the Mister and I were hiking a heavily used trail and when we turned a bend I called out to Mister who was a few strides ahead of me, "Look, hon, a tampon!" To his credit he didn't take off running as if he didn't know me! I used wrong words even back in the day!

    Hugs, Darnell


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